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You have questions.
We have answers.

About Us.

The Affordable Ghostwriter was created to help people fulfill their dreams

of writing a book or a movie screenplay. 

Do you have an idea for a movie, book, or TV show but can't find the time to write it yourself or you don't know how to start?


With our service, you don't have to! We have a team of experienced and award-winning writers ready to bring your visions to life! Clients come to us with their own ideas, or we can assist with idea development as well. We work collaboratively with each of our clients to help them get their movie and book ideas written.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive:

What services do we offer? If you don’t see your project listed…just ask!

*All screenwriting is done to industry standard formatting, and compatible with all screenwriting software platforms.

  • Screenwriting

    • Live Action, Documentary & Animation!

  • Script Editing/Doctoring

  • Script Treatment

  • Character Development (film & book)

  • Project Bible

  • Script Coverage

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Manuscripts

  • Manuscript Editing

  • Manuscript Formatting (for publishing)

  • Book Synopsis

  • Book Cover Blurbs & Reviews

If you need something written, chances are we have a writer who can write it for you! Just ask!

What does “ghostwriting” mean?

Ghostwriting means that you (our client) retain ALL rights to your work and that our name is not included anywhere.  We’re just a ghost!  So, your story, your idea stays with you.  We do all the work, and you keep your name on everything. Unless you tell someone, no one will ever know you didn’t write it.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask us!


Process – what can I expect?


We start by scheduling a call for you to meet with our owner, Christina.  She’ll ask questions to learn more about your project.  We only need to know the basics of your idea at this point.  Once we are ready to learn more, we’ll make sure to send you a Confidentiality Agreement so that you know your ideas and story are safe with us. 


After your call we’ll send you a proposal that details the scope of the project along with the estimated timeline and the cost (breakdown of deposit required and payment schedule).


Next, we’ll both e-sign the agreement, and you’ll receive an invoice for the deposit. 


Once the deposit is paid, we’ll schedule a kickoff call with your assigned writer.


From that point on you’ll meet regularly with your writer, on a schedule the two of you decide upon.  You’ll receive regular updates and work collaboratively with your writer.  Remember, this is your project – your story, so we want to ensure we’re delivering a product you’re 100% happy with.  That’s why we offer unlimited edits. 


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is pretty standard, but we’re flexible and want to remain affordable to everyone (thus our name!).  Most deposits are between 20% - 35% of the total project cost.  The exact deposit is determined on a case-by-case basis, considering the entire scope of the project.



Actual timelines vary greatly based on several factors: the length of script or manuscript requested, the frequency of communication, research required, the number of edits, and even the complexity of the story. 


As a general guideline we anticipate the following timelines:

Movie Feature script: 60-90 days

Short Film script: 45-60 days

Book Manuscript: 90 days

Book Publishing: 60-90 days from manuscript completion (*once the service is available)


What does it cost?

We pride ourselves on offering high quality, professional writing services at affordable prices.  As a general rule, you’ll see a savings close to 80% off industry standard rates for manuscripts and screenplays.  Plus, we offer payments spread throughout the project, making it affordable for everyone.

Do we offer rush/expedited service?


Yes!  (Within reason, of course.) Let us know how quickly you need it, and we’ll make it work.  Understand that there may be an added fee to make it happen, but with everything, we’ll work together to make it affordable.


How do I get started? (Contact us!)

Simple. Fill out the Contact Us form on the home page.  OR send us an email at


Do you offer publishing services?


Soon! At the present time we are working to fine tune these services!  We hope to have news on this exciting addition to our portfolio to share very, very soon!


Interested in joining our team?

We would love to talk to you!  Reach out through our contact information form detailing your experience. 

Currently we're interested in the following skillsets:

  1. Setting up and running social media campaigns.

  2. Experienced screenwriter (industry standard format).

  3. Experienced fiction or non-fiction writer.

Meet Christina!

An award-winning screenwriter, I first started writing over 20 years ago.  Having gotten my start writing the Christmas and Easter Ministry (stage) productions for my church, I quickly learned just how much I loved seeing my ideas come to life.  Since then, I’ve written dozens of skits and dramas that have been viewed by tens of thousands of people across Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia and beyond. 

                From there I went on to write (and ghostwrite) close to a dozen children’s books and online stories.  I have 3 additional character stories in development.

                Moving into screenwriting was the natural next step.  Working with production companies in Virginia, Ohio, and California I am called upon to proof, doctor, enhance and write features from just an idea or two.  Then, in 2018 I was blessed to have a short film I wrote win at the Christian Film Awards (VA), where I also won for Best Writer.  To date I’ve written more than 18 features – some as writer and others as simply a ghostwriter. I'm blessed also to work on some of the film projects I'm part of as Script Supervisor/Continuity!  A film I wrote last fall was just filmed, in part, in NYC. 

                When I write for you, I take your story very personally. Whether it’s a true- and real-life experience you are sharing or merely a fictional one, you can trust that I’ll give you (and your story) the attention it deserves!  My clients usually end up being more like friends.  I understand that when you’re sharing your story that it can be difficult, and I promise to never take that for granted. I consider it an honor that you allow me to tell your story.  Our entire team feels that same way!

                In my free time I love to travel and explore new places.  Mostly though, I travel to Florida to visit my son and “play tourist” at the theme parks.  There’s nothing quite like a little roller coaster therapy and sunshine!  I’m a front seat, hands in the air rider. 

I started The Affordable Ghostwriter for YOU~ I love being able to use my gift...and the gifts of each of our tell YOUR stories and make YOUR dreams come true!  

I remember my mother telling her friends (about me) that... "she may not be able to tell a joke to save her life, but she can tell an amazing story."  

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